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We are all part of The Big God Story    
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        Weekly Big God Story resources for parents:
For May 8th

In this week’s Big God Story-God is Love-The Church in Antioch (Acts 11:19-30)
The Apostles, the chosen disciples, went out and shared with others about God’s love. The people they taught then decided to follow Jesus. A godly and faith-filled man named Barnabas heard about all the people who were choosing to follow Jesus in Antioch. He went there to see all that was happening. He got so excited that he, along with Paul, continued to teach God’s Word. When the church in Antioch heard that a famine was going to happen, they sent money to provide for their brothers in Judea. They’d felt God’s love and provision and wanted to show it to others.

ILLUMINATE (K-5th grade)
The Big God Story for Sunday is- God Forgives-Parable of Unmerciful Servant
 (Matt. 18:21-35)
Jesus told the parable of the unmerciful servant to teach His disciples—and us—about forgiveness. The unmerciful servant had an impossible debt to repay, but the king forgave it anyway! Real forgiveness happens when you really mean what you’re saying when you tell someone “I’m sorry.” It means forgiving from your heart, just like Jesus said in the parable.
Jesus gave us the ultimate example of how to forgive when He died for us. He had mercy on us and died for our sins so we could be forgiven for everything we’ve ever done wrong. Now we can have a healed relationship with God, and we get to be with God forever!

HomeFront Weekly for Beginner’s Ministry (4 weeks in one) is full of fun facts and ideas that will inspire, equip, and support parents; weekly pre-teaching of The Big God Story; child-development tips for parents that align with spiritual formation.

HomeFront Weekly for Beginner’s: May 1-22  (Sundays): TB_HFW_Sp_9-Sp_12

HomeFront Weekly for ILLUMINATE (K-5th grade) is designed to help parents intentionally spend time in God’s Word with their children before coming to church each week. Parents will be the first to introduce their children to the Bible content they will hear in Illuminate.

Current HomeFront Weekly for ILLUMINATE: May 8th:TS_Sp_10_HFW

ILLUMINATE Monthly Family Verse (May 1-22):
“…We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done.” Psalm 78:4B


website homefront monthly

HomeFront Monthly Magazine can be downloaded for free at HomeFrontMag.com, accessed as a smartphone app.

HOMEFRONT MONTHLY-A spiritual parenting resource, a magazine-like publication packed with great ideas about how to create spiritually forming times in the home. Each issue features articles and activities focusing on everything from marriage and family to food time and blessing.

May HOMEFRONT IS AVAILABLE NOW! You can pick up a copy at the Illuminate Check in desk or on the Beginner’s Ministry counter.


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