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For more information on our Children’s Ministry Program check out Miss Lynn’s Kids Corner May 17, 2015 post.

We are all part of The Big God Story       img_2321 Fun ways to memorize the Family Verse of the month

(null) In our Preschool Room, Hamilton the Hedgehog loves
to teach us about The Big God Story.

        Weekly Big God Story resources for parents:
For October 2nd

In this week’s Big God Story-God Made People (Adam & Eve)
On the sixth day God made people. God did not use His words to make a man; He used his breath to give him life. God named this man Adam. The Lord saw that it was not good for man to be alone. So while Adam slept, God took one of Adam’s rib bones and made Eve. She was Adam’s helper. They lived in a beautiful garden where they would walk and talk with God. God made them to love Him and each other.

Blessing: Children, may you remember that God made each of us and He loves us so much.

ILLUMINATE (K-5th grade)-The first Sunday of each month is Family Sunday. Children will be worshiping with their families. There are ILLUMINATE Kids Sermon Notes sheets in the commons area – As you attend church service with your family, use this sheet to help you learn. We want you to worship with us by singing to God and listening to the message.

ILLUMINATE Spiritual Formation
The Big God Story this Sunday – Remember and Celebrate (God as Deliverer)
Before the people fled from Egypt, do you remember what God told them to do? God told them to fix one last meal—a Passover meal—that they would make every year to remember what God had done for them. As the Israelites got ready to leave, they probably packed up their things, especially the things most important to them.

Blessing: Children, may you know that our God is mighty and powerful, and He fights for you. May you see God as your Deliverer in your life this week.

HomeFront Weekly for Beginner’s Ministry (4 weeks in one) is full of fun facts and ideas that will inspire, equip, and support parents; weekly pre-teaching of The Big God Story; child-development tips for parents that align with spiritual formation.

HomeFront Weekly for Beginner’s: Sept. 11-Oct. 2 (Sundays): tb_hfw_1-1_1-4

HomeFront Weekly for ILLUMINATE (K-5th grade) is designed to help parents intentionally spend time in God’s Word with their children before coming to church each week. Parents will be the first to introduce their children to the Bible content they will hear in Illuminate.

HomeFront Weekly for ILLUMINATE Spiritual Formation: Oct. 2: ts_fall_6_hfw_f

Current HomeFront Weekly for ILLUMINATE: Oct. 9: ts_fall_5_hfw_f

ILLUMINATE Monthly Family Verse  October 2-30
But the fruit the Holy Spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself. Galatians 5:22-23a

website homefront monthly

HomeFront Monthly Magazine can be downloaded for free at HomeFrontMag.com, accessed as a smartphone app.

HOMEFRONT MONTHLY-A spiritual parenting resource, a magazine-like publication packed with great ideas about how to create spiritually forming times in the home. Each issue features articles and activities focusing on everything from marriage and family to food time and blessing.

October HOMEFRONT IS AVAILABLE NOW! You can pick up a copy at the Illuminate Check in desk or on the Beginner’s Ministry counter.


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