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KIDS CONNECTION where Kids Connect with Christ through The Big God Story!

Kids Connection Monthly Verse for January
Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions. Psalm 119:18

Preschool-Nursery (Birth through Pre-K)  8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am

The Big God Story for January 8th and 14thJesus Chooses Us to Follow Him (Calling of the Disciples)
Jesus chose to intentionally invest in 12 men during His earthly ministry. He taught and mentored these men in order to prepare them to “go and tell” the rest of the world about Him after He was gone. Jesus called each one individually into a relationship with Him. Today, He calls each of us into a relationship as well.

Blessing: (Child’s name), Jesus loves you so, so, so much. May you follow Jesus every day.

The Big God Story for January 22nd and 29th – Jesus Is God (Calming the Storm)
The storm was raging. The waves swept over the boat. The men feared they would drown. Then, with just three words, “Quiet! Be still!” the storm stopped. “What kind of man is this?” the disciples asked. Jesus was more than just a rabbi. More than just a teacher. Jesus can control nature. Jesus can save the world. Jesus is God.

​Blessing: Children, may you know that Jesus is powerful and amazing, because He is God.

HomeFront Weekly for Preschool-Nursery (4 weeks in one) is full of fun facts and ideas that will inspire, equip, and support parents; weekly
pre-teaching of The Big God Story; child-development tips for parents that align with spiritual formation.
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The first Sunday of every month is Family Sunday. Children will be worshiping with their families in“big church”.
Pick up the Kids Connection Sermon Notes sheet in the commons area- as you attend church service with your family, use the sermon notes sheet to help you learn. We want you to worship with us by singing to God and listening to the message.

January 8th-Special Video Sunday
Spiritual Formation

Missionary Sunday. We will be watching a video “The Wild Brothers”. They are the four sons of Mike and Libby Wild; they are a homeschooling missionary family deep in the remote jungle of Papua, Indonesia.
2nd Service
The Big God Story Musical. We will be watching a musical rendition of The Big God Story by David C Cook.

Kids Connection Elementary 
Spiritual Formation
10:00 am & 2nd Service 11:00 am

January 15th
The Big God Story – God is Strength (Entering the Promised Land) Joshua 1; 3-4
The Israelites experienced a long season of pain as they were forced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. God disciplined that entire generation because they didn’t have faith that He was strong and would take care of them. However, the next generation of Israelites chose to follow the path that God had provided for them. It must have been difficult at times, but they knew God was their strength, and they followed His leading as He brought them into the Promised Land.
God is our source of strength and courage. When we choose to trust and obey Him, He gives us everything we need to follow Him.

January 22nd
The Big God Story –  God is Powerful (Taking the Promised Land) Joshua 6-10
God loves and wants to protect each one of us, just like He loved and protected the Israelites. No matter what you’re going through right now—no matter what struggles, trouble, or pain—know that God wants to show you His power in your life. Just like He won the battles for the Israelites, He still wins battles today. And just like the Israelites trusted Him, we can trust Him. He is still, and always will be, the same powerful and mighty God.

January 29th
The Big God Story – God is Victorious (David and Goliath) 1 Samuel 16-17
David surrendered his life to God. He chose to follow God even if it meant doing something really scary like fighting a giant. And as God won the victory over Goliath through David, God showed His glory to everyone there. God still glorifies Himself today as He brings victory in our lives too.

HomeFront Weekly for Elementary (K-5th grade) is designed to help parents intentionally spend time in God’s Word with their children before coming to church each week. Parents will be the first to introduce their children to the Bible content they will hear in Kids Connection-Elementary.
Pick of a copy at the Elementary Check in desk.

HomeFront Monthly Magazine can be downloaded for free at, accessed as a smartphone app.

HOMEFRONT MONTHLY-A spiritual parenting resource, a magazine-like publication packed with great ideas about how to create spiritually forming times in the home. Each issue features articles and activities focusing on everything from marriage and family to food time and blessing.

January HOMEFRONT IS AVAILABLE NOW! You can pick up a copy at any Kids Connection Check in area.


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