Hunter Sight-In

Hunter Sight In – Nov 4th

8 am – 3:30 pm on Saturday, November 4th at church. Get ready for hunting season! Everyone of hunting age is invited to sight in their firearms for the upcoming deer season. The use of the shooting range, shooting rests, spotting scopes, safety glasses, ear plugs, targets, as well as bore sighting, are all free! Everything is provided […]



SERVE DAY! Saturday, October 21st from 8 am – Noon. The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful facility and entrusted us to take good care of it. Everyone is invited to help in this effort. We will rake leaves, clean windows, trim bushes, etc. Donuts, coffee, fruit and juice will be available. If you […]

A full 60 minutes

Like most Packer fans I sat in stunned disbelief as Russel Wilson’s game winning pass in overtime projected the Seahawks on to the Superbowl and sent the Packers, well, “packing”.  I think the loss would have been easier to accept had the Packers been outgunned the entire game, but that wasn’t the case – far […]