Kids Connection-Elementary (K-5th grade)

The first Sunday of every month is Family Sunday. Children will be worshiping with their families in “big church”.

Pick up the Kids Connection Kids Sermon Notes sheet in the commons area- as you attend church service with your family, use the sermon notes sheet to help you learn. We want you to worship with us by singing to God and listening to the message.

We invite your kindergarten through 5th grade children to come be a part of our Kids Connection-Elementary program.

9:00 AM Service: They will learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s powerful work in their lives. The RIO curriculum used, focuses on how knowing God will produce in children a desire to obey God, keeping focus on God and responding to Him, and fostering a deeper relationship with God and a life of faith that is rich and full.

10:30 AM Service: They will discover what the Bible says about the part they play in God’s BIG STORY.  The TRU curriculum used, teaches the Bible in a chronological, timeline format. The Big God Story is God’s entire story stretching from Genesis to Revelation. Kids will see the whole Bible and how God’s Big Story connects to their own story. Keeping the focus on God statements that show kids that no matter the story, God is always central.

Rooms will be available to drop off your children 10 minutes before the worship service times.

Visitors: Please fill out the Kids Connection Registration Form found on the Forms page and bring it when you drop of your child or allow extra time to fill out a form upon arrival.

Children must be checked in and out by parents.

Drop off your children at the Kids Connection-Elementary check-in desk located between rooms 203A and 205A.

K-2nd: Room 203A
3rd-5th: Room 205A

If you have any questions regarding Children’s Ministries, contact Lynn Dorsey, Director of Kids Connection Ministries, at

For more Kids Connection Ministries information, see Miss Lynn’s Kids Corner page


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